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Used trucks for sale Netherlands

Francken & Wagensveld is a company that offers used trucks for sale in the Netherlands. We have a widespread network of suppliers which means that we always have several used trucks for sale, all them from well-known brands in the Netherlands, such as Volvo or DAF. Besides trucks and tractors, Francken & Wagensveld also has a wide array of used truck parts for sale that can be send from the Netherlands to a location of your choosing. You can order spare parts via our website of inquire about a quotation for one of the used trucks that are for sale in the Netherlands.

Are you interested in our services?

Used trucks for sale in the Netherlands, new paintjob optional

If you’re looking for used trucks for sale in the Netherlands, a fresh coat of paint can be applied at Francken & Wagensveld. An in-house spray-painting booth of no less than 300m3 is capable of spray-painting all types of trucks, tractors and trailers in any desirable colour. Besides renewing the outside of your new trucks, all worn out parts are replaced by new ones before the truck is shipped out to your location. Care to know more about our used trucks, or the services that we provide at Francken & Wagensveld? Please contact us by calling +31 348 688 340.

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