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Used DAF truck parts

Used DAF truck parts are used all over the world for carrying out repairs and maintaining fleets. DAF is the Dutch truck and car company that has been in business since as early as 1932. Throughout the years a wide variety of DAF trucks was introduced and in the years that followed, these trucks found their way to companies all over the world. Used DAF truck parts are therefore in high demand. At Francken & Wagensveld in the Netherlands you can order a wide variety of used DAF truck parts which can be shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Are you interested in our services?

Import and export of used DAF truck parts

Francken & Wagensveld is always looking for suppliers that can supply us with used DAF truck parts, which we can revise, store, and then resell to our global customer base. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell used DAF truck parts, Francken & Wagenveld is more than happy to assist you in any which way we can.

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If your company is active in the international transporting business, Francken & Wagensveld is an ideal partner to support your vehicle fleet. Inquire about the possibilities by calling us at +31 348 688 340.

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