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Truck with loading crane

A truck with a loading crane is used both as a transporting and as an operational vehicle in many different sectors. Infrastructural companies, companies in the timber industry and the construction sector are all heavily dependent on trucks with loading cranes. Looking for a truck with crane for sale? Francken & Wagensveld, a Dutch specialist in the import and export of trucks and tractors, is ready to help you out!

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Also available for maintenance and repairs for your truck with loading crane

Francken & Wagensveld can offer you more than a truck with crane for sale. First of all, when you are looking for a truck with a loading crane, you can choose between a brand-new one, or a well maintained second hand truck. Because Francken & Wagensveld has been in the business since 1954, we possess the knowledge and expertise to carry out repairs and offer maintenance to your truck with loading crane. Did you find a truck with crane for sale in our assortment, but you don’t like the look of the paintjob? Francken & Wagensveld even has its own spray booth so we can give your truck a brand-new coating!

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Personal service is one of the most important pillars that make up the services that Francken & Wagensveld provide. If you have any questions regarding a truck with crane that you have seen for sale on our website, contact us for more detailed information. Our employees will be happy to assist you. You can contact Francken & Wagensveld by calling +31 348 688 340.

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