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In 1954 we started with the sale of trucks and spare parts. In 1970 we started to go abroad as one of the first enterprises in our line of business. Since then we export trucks to every corner of the world every day.


Since the launch of Francken & Wagensveld BV, DAF is the favorite truck make. This has gradually developped in the times when we used to rebuild trucks completely. The mechanics have a lot of experience with DAF products, so they know these vehicles inside out. Thanks to the durability of these products and the good relations with DAF Trucks, an affinity with this truck brand results.


The chassis is the foundation for the truck. The location of Francken & Wagensveld BV is the place where it all happens for years and years. From spray painting to vehicle conversions, everything is done on the premises in Nieuwerbrug. You are always welcome to come and see the trucks that are stocked in our yard.


Like the tyres ensure that the truck can drive, our employees make sure that the business is going on and that we get there where we want to go. Every employee is part of our team for decades.


As headlights illuminate the road, so enlightens the vision of Francken & Wagensveld BV the way forward to the future. Have you made an agreement with us, it will always be complied. Dutch saying: a man a man, a word a word.


The driver determines the direction. Francken & Wagensveld BV focuses on a stable and continuous growth. We want to extend our stock each year to offer you as our customer even more choice.

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