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6x4 truck tandem Nieuwerbrug - Francken en Wagensveld

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6×4 truck tandem

At Francken & Wagensveld, you can find a 6×4 truck with a tandem axle. 6×4 trucks that we offer for sale can be exported to a location of your choosing, anywhere in the world. Feel free to contact us for more information and please let us know if you’re looking for a specific 6×4 truck with tandem axle. Even if what you’re looking for is not in stock, we can inquire with our vast global network and get you what you need!

Are you interested in our services?

Buy your new 6×4 truck with tandem axle from a reliable partner in Nieuwerbrug

Francken & Wagensveld has started its business in the Netherlands as early as 1954. In 1970, we were one of the first companies that started to expand to the international market. Since then, many companies have found their way to Francken & Wagensveld looking for 6×4 trucks, tractors, and spare parts for sale. Francken & Wagensveld has thrived in the business because we are true to our word. If we make a deal, the deal stands and we will do everything to uphold our end of the deal. A widespread network of suppliers, customers and shipping companies enables us to offer our vehicles for competitive prices all over the world!

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Are you wondering what kind of 6×4 trucks are for sale at Francken & Wagensveld? Please feel free to contact us and inquire about the 6×4 tandem truck you are looking for. If you are near the Netherlands, you can always visit us so you can see the 6×4 trucks we offer for sale in person. In the meantime, you can always browse through our assortment on the website. You can also contact Francken & Wagensveld by calling +31 348 688 340.

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